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Question:  Why ?         Answer : Simple Service!
●  I developed to promote "SIMPLICITY" to each customer.
●  As I have noticed that "standing in line" while waiting to pay for your product can be frustrating; Inks Etc. has illuminated these historical shopping characteristics, and has replaced shopping aggravation with "Simplicity", as you shop for your Printer INK".
How does "Simplicity" work?
●  Inks Etc. begins a purchase order with 18 "BIG" manufacturers to choose from :
●  and then offers TWO selections :

1) a "Cartridge Series" product option of the ink cartridge, toner, drum or fax ribbon

- or -

2) a "Printer Model Series" to find what product belongs inside the customer's printer using the printer model name.

●  Inks Etc. has made even more "SIMPLICITY" for each customer to have.
●  Inks Etc. is giving "Free-Service" that renders a web page to be provided by Inks Etc. in the customer's name of all the original and/or compatible ink that their printer needs by simply emailing to Inks Etc. (
●  Or using "Contact Us" to share what printer you own and/or product you want.
●  When your web page is complete, each Inks Etc. member will be saved within the Inks Etc. Member DropDown List. Your web page may also be saved in your "favorite" or "bookmark" to use for the next time.
●  So Inks Etc. has brought "Simple Service" too all customers to help make it easy to "find" products so purchasing is fast to receive. And Inks Etc. will continue to harvest more "Simple" features.
●  Cost effectiveness and quality is already a dignified virtue Inks Etc. has implemented within the company; but when a like or dislike has been found...
●  Just "Contact Us" with your response and Inks Etc. will pleasantly look over your request and response with clarity and hospitality to your request.