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"Flat" Domestic Ground Shipping Rates "All" first purchases pay for 11 lbs of shipment. Why?...Let me explain. UPS has a minimum standard weight of a ground shipment from 1 lbs to 11 lbs with the same costs $20 plus dollars and some cents. "1" ink cartridge weights approximately 0.15 lbs...and it will take about 6 1/2 ink cartridges to make just 1 lbs for one shipment. Each customer has the liberty to buy a 3 PACK or more like a gift due to the minimum shipping payment of one item that is able to accept up to 11 lbs of a UPS DOMESTIC GROUND SHIPPING. It is Inks Etc.'s suggestion to buy a 3 PACK of ink cartridges, drums, fax ribbons and toners that equal 11 lbs to be packaged. Inks Etc. has investigated this information to you, so you will make a prosperous decision with Inks Etc.. Please enjoy : )
Product Price From : Product Price To : Shipping "Flat" Rates:
$0.01 $11.00 $15.95
$11.01 $20.00 $19.95
$20.01 $30.00 $24.95
$30.01 $40.00 $29.95
$40.01 and UP $34.95+
Click to learn more Click to learn more... UPS is the most reliable delivery service throughout America. Inks Etc. validates their fine effort by using what is shipped to you at no extra charge. Thank You!