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UPS~United Postal Service
3 to 5 Business Day(s) or
Next Day Delivery
"Flat" Ground Shipping Rates
Inks Etc.'s Way to SAVE you MONEY

"All" first purchases allows about 22 ink cartridges or ribbons to be package; and about 3 toners and 1 drum. How? Allow me to explain . . .

The estimate comes from the maxiumn weight of 11 lbs with the lowest cost purchase. "1" Ink Cartridge Weights Approx. 0.15 lbs ...and "1" lbs is about 6 1/2 ink cartridges. Then just "1" shipment allows up to 66 ink cartridges to be purchased in "One" Shipment! I will let you decide if it is BEST on all 1st purchases ... to grap a 10 PACK or a 20 PACK DEAL. You are already paying a UPS / FEDEX the lowest shipping fee that included your 11 lbs of IN K. And changes take place daily : )
Product LBS From: Product LBS To: Shipping "Flat" Rates:
.01 lbs 11 lbs $18.95
11 lbs 13 lbs $19.95
13 lbs 15 lbs $20.95
15 lbs 17 lbs $30.95
15 lbs and UP N/A
Click to learn more Click to learn more... UPS is the most reliable delivery service throughout America. Inks Etc. validates their fine effort by using what is shipped to you at no extra charge. Thank You!